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Professional coaches will put you on a program to reach your goals and on a path towards a better life.



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welcome to ​k2 

K2 is a private training facility, who professional coaches share the common goal of helping individuals live and play stronger! 

"Only the strong survive" may be a cliche, but the stronger you are, the better your life can be is a fact. 

Movement is medicine and the stronger you are, the better you move and the more active a life you are able to live.   Call today for a free consultation

The goal is pain-free activity for the rest of your life.  Be smart and stay strong for the rest of your life

We build better athletes. We offer sports performance training for middle school, high school and college athletes. 

Athletic Performance Training
Boot Camp Group Fitness Program
Baby Boomer Boot Camp for Active Adults

Bootcamp is our group training program specifically designed to burn fat and build strength.

​Semi-Private fitness training allows you to share the cost of a trainer and motivate each other 

Programs & Packages

Private, Semi-Private & Group Training

Group Training


Private Fitness Coaching
2017 Fit Body Boot Camp