Our Current Program
...We are looking for individuals over 50 years of age...who are looking to build strength, lose fat, and get in better shape than they have ever been.

We have developed an 8-week Stronger Program designed to progressively build Functional and specific strength by eliminating your current limitations and put you on a path to feel and look better than ever.


Step 1:  We meet with you to access your needs and goals.

Step 2: You decide if small group or private training is best for you.  We then decide on a training schedule
Small Group = $229 / Month
Private = $700 for 10 sessions

Combo = So many options to discuss

Step 3: We work together to customize your workout plan, diet needs, and daily habits so that we maximize your energy and results

Step 4: You start your journey...begin to look and feel better immediately, go bathing suit shopping because you are going to want to show off your new body and we live happily ever after

Strength training is life long. Strong muscles expand your recreational options and enable you to complete common tasks—carrying groceries, shoveling snow, climbing stairs, keeping up with kids and grandkids—with more energy and less pain.  The correct exercises improve strength and balance, promoting more resilient bones and preventing falls. Strength training aids your body in living better for a longer period of time,


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As we age, we get increasingly sedentary, so we need to be more deliberate about developing strength. Muscle mass decreases with age—a phenomenon known as sarcopenia—as do metabolic demands, which can lead to packing on extra pounds. Strength training can help reverse these trends, improving general health, bone density, muscular strength, mental and emotional well-being, and longevity.

Move well....then move often