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Whether you decide to train privately or in a small group, we design a costume fitness and wellness program starting with functional, low impact exercises that help strengthen joints, improve flexibility, improve core and muscular strength, and cardiovascular conditioning......all packed into one great workout.  Using intervals and circuits allows everyone to go at there own pace while doing exercises specific to your specific goals. 

We progress slowly, yet at a pace that leaves you feeling stronger daily.  

Everybody will be at a different fitness level, so don't worry where you are currently at, we can address everyone's fitness needs, that is why we are the best at what we do; taking a group of people with different fitness abilities and getting them all to a new, higher fitness standard.  Led by a great team of qualified trainers,  that are always here to answer all of your fitness questions. 

Current Small Group Training is at 10:30 am on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday's and Private sessions available

Call Kevin at 908-803-8019 to set up your Free Intro Session!!

This is Diane showing off her core strength before she left us for Florida for the winter.


As we age, we get increasingly sedentary, so adults need to be more deliberate about developing strength. Muscle mass decreases with age—a phenomenon 
known as sarcopenia—as do metabolic demands, which can lead to packing on extra pounds. Strength training can help reverse these trends, improving general health, bone density, muscular strength, mental and emotional well-being, and longevity.

Plus, strength training is life training. Strong muscles expand your recreational options and enable you to complete common tasks—carrying groceries, shoveling snow, climbing stairs, keeping up with kids and grandkids—with more energy and less pain. For elderly adults, 
exercise that enhances strength and balance can promote more resilient bones and prevent falls. Strength training aids your body in living better for a longer period of time,

The most effective strength training provides the relative strength you need. In other words, train for the demands and desires of your daily activities, whatever your age.


Progressively build Functional and Specific strength by eliminating limitations through proper movement training; improving mobility, stability, balance, breathing and endurance, taking clients to their next level of fitness and life!what's next (i.e. = Blank Slate) 

What if I Have Injuries?

Movement is medicine!  Performed correctly with steady progression, functional movements can heal your body, increase your energy and sky-rocket your zest for life.  Our trainers are experienced with corrective exercise programming and we will work to correct physiological imbalances and weaknesses in the body, while improving mobility, balance and strength.  

We are an extension of your medical and wellness team.  We often involve your therapists in the development of individualized plans of care to address your unique needs and goals. Once your therapist treat your injuries, we are excellent at strengthening your body so these injuries do not reoccur.

Our trainers complete a comprehensive evaluation of each patient to determine what is causing their symptoms. Common problems treated by our staff include:

  • ACL tears and repairs
  • Back injuries
  • Spine and lower extremity joint instabilities
  • Meniscus tears of knee
  • Patellar tendonitis
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Shoulder instability
  • Sprains and strains

Our Scope of work includes:

  • Balance and coordination activities
  • Strength and flexibility programming
  • Manual therapy (manipulation, soft tissue mobilization)