TEAM TRAINING:  1 Team, 1 Trainer, 1 Goal
K2 will develop a comprehensive sport-specific Strength & Conditioning Program to fit the needs of both coach and athletes, all on your team's schedule. Onsite & Offsite options available. Team training programs give teams the opportunity to enhance overall chemistry while improving individual player development at the same time.

​Whether wanting to make the team, or striving to attain the next level of sport or fitness, our process remains the same; provide the absolute highest quality training and coaching, bar none.


Everyone WANTS to be a better athlete.  Every athlete WANTS to take their game to the next level.  The purpose and goal of athletic development training is to provide young athletes with a clear and proven path to athletic success.  At K2, we break athletic development training down into three areas which teens need to become better athletes.

1.Strength…Get Stronger:  Strengthen the legs, core, and upper body. This will increase joint stability and create higher amounts of force. 

2.Speed…Get Faster:  Use strength and lean muscle to create speed, power, and agility.  Jumping, sprinting, reacting, and rapidly changing direction are all skills that every athlete can improve with coaching and training.

3.Skills…Become more skilled:  Practice your sport specific movement to improve technical sport specific skills such as throwing, twisting, dodging, etc.

These all sound very simple when broken down, however; the “secret” is that each one of these categories relies on the other. For example, it’s hard for an athlete to improve speed without improving maximal and/or relative strength. It’s also hard for an athlete to become more skilled without improving speed. We can say this for all the above-mentioned categories.

Athletic speed isn’t just about going fast in a straight line. Your game requires you to move side-to-side and backward as quickly as you can sprint forward. Muscle strength and proper technique are important for those movements, too.  

The aim of our training is to provide our athletes with techniques and strength needed to build game-breaking speed.  We practice technique drills that will enable you to sprint faster and far more efficiently. Each workout also includes muscle-building movements that will help you develop the horsepower you need to leave opponents in the dust.  OUR Philosophy - Train Like an Athlete......Move Like an Athlete

Q and A  - Updated as questions come up

Q:  How many athletes are in a group?

A: We try to keep the groups under 6 athletes.  Sometimes they are larger, but only when the athletes are experienced and demonstrate proper form and technique.  

Q: What happens if an athlete can not make a training session?
A:  They are encouraged to join another group and make the session up that week or add another day the following week.

Q:  How many days a week should an athlete train?

A:  This all depends on the results they want! Three or four sessions week is ideal. Training is the same as everything else in life - you get out exactly what you put in.  We educate our athletes on living a healthy life 24 hours a day, but the more time at the gym, the better.

ATHLETIC Performance training

We build better athletes



119 Park Ave Summit NJ 07901 US

SCHEDULE:  Visit website for current schedule

We offer group training afternoons and weekends during the school year
*Grammer School Athletic Development Call for evaluation and times  

**Athletes can join late if space is available (fees will be pro-rated)
***Athletes may join other groups based on abilities
****Personal Training and Small Group training is available
Form your own group or team......Call 908-803-8019 for pricing info

Sports Performance Training - High School / College

This training focused on power development and technique perfection. 
Strength…Get Stronger: Strengthen the legs, core, and upper body. This will increase joint stability and create higher amounts of force.
Speed…Get Faster: Use strength and balance to create speed, power, and agility.  Jumping, sprinting, reacting, and rapidly changing direction are all skills we teach our athletes.
Skills…Become more skilled: Correct, sport specific movements are practiced until mastered.  We teach movement of technical sport specific skills such as throwing, twisting, dodging, etc.

Athletic Development Training - Middle School

Biomechanics and systematic strength are the primary focus of our Athletic Development Training Program.  We concentrate on individual weaknesses and developing athletic skills. This program addresses 2 critical areas of training: 
1st: Advancement of dynamic movement skills.  Our Athletes learn how to move efficiently which is critical in developing speed at the next level.
2nd: Develop a foundation for explosive strength and with the longer term goal of building a powerful athlete.  A strong foundation and efficient movement’s patterns are a critical part of our training.


Strength and Conditioning 101

Our goal is to teach the student how to work out safely, efficiently and on their own.  We educate them on why the need to include train for strength, cardio, and flexibility in each workout and how to put it all together.  Each training session will consist of a full body workout, however everyone will be encouraged to go at their own pace.  This is an incredible program for the senior going off to college or just the overwhelmed student who needs to exercise.

Fee options:
Season: (12 Weeks)

  • 2X Week = $450
  • ​3X Week = $550

Monthly Unlimited = $250
*Packages will be prorated


  • 10 Session Package= $250
  • 20 Session Package = $450

Student Personal Training = $60/hr
Semi-Private Training (2 - 3) =$75/hr
6 + Athletes (Team Rate) = $150/hr.