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 Sports Performance Training - High School / College

Designed exclusively for high school and college athletes who are looking to excel at his/her sport; program focuses on self-esteem, mental strength and physical dominance.  Programs are offered either in 2, 3 or 4 day per week sessions and are 70 minutes in length.
College and High School seniors can use the gym on their own once they master proper lifting technique.

Middle School Athletic Development

Biomechanics and systematic strength are the primary focus of our Athletic Development Training Program.  We concentrate on individual weaknesses and developing athletic skills. This program addresses 2 critical areas of training: 
1st: Advancement of dynamic movement skills.  Our Athletes learn how to move efficiently which is critical in developing speed at the next level.
2nd: Develop a foundation for explosive strength and with the longer term goal of building a powerful athlete.  A strong foundation and efficient movement’s patterns are a critical part of our training.

Strength and Conditioning 101

Our goal is to teach the student how to work out safely, efficiently and on their own.  We educate them on why the need to include train for strength, cardio and flexibility in each workout and how to put it all together.  Each training session will consist of a full body workout, however everyone will be encouraged to go at their own pace.  This is an incredible program for the senior going off to college or just the overwhelmed student who needs to exercise.

Typical Athletes Training Session Format

Athletes are expected to train a minimum of 2 Days/week, however  serious athletes should train 4 days week to maximize gains. Teen athletes recover extremely quickly and strong well conditioned athletes don't have the aches and pains after a tough game.  Studies prove that athletes performance is greater when they maintain the strength training throughout the season.  

Each athlete tracks progress on a card similar to the one below.  Though our workouts are group, each athlete progresses at his.her own pace.

Each workout consists of the following:

Muscle preparation, Foam Rolling, individual needs warm-up
Muscle preparation, Foam Rolling, individual needs warm-up
Muscle preparation, Foam Rolling, individual needs warm-up
Dynamic Warm-up, Injury Prevention Training
Dynamic Warm-up, Injury Prevention Training
Dynamic Warm-up, Injury Prevention Training
Linear Speed, Acceleration and Mechanic/Drills
Lateral Speed & Agility Mechanics/Drills
Multi-Directional Speed & Mechanic/Drills
Lower Body Power & StrengthTotal Body Power & Strength Upper Body Power & Strength
Conditioning /  Core Strength Conditioning /  Core Strength 
Conditioning /  Core Strength 
Recovery, Restoration & FlexibilityRecovery, Restoration & Flexibility
Recovery, Restoration & Flexibility

OUR Philosophy - ​​​Train Like an Athlete to Move Like an Athlete

Today, no one should need convincing of the need for athlete-specific training to optimize performance and prevent injury – the stronger the athlete, the better they will perform.

K2 speed and strength development training has been proven at every level of competition. Each program is designed to help our athlete’s progress safely and efficiently towards becoming a faster, stronger and more powerful athlete.   

When developing our athletes, we prioritize correcting their physical limitations (strengthening weak muscles, improving flexibility, proper movement patterns, etc.) first, which better prepares the athlete to maximize their strength and power, which translates to improved sports performance.  Each athlete masters proper lifting techniques and movements such as explosive lifts, single leg exercises and push/pull movements.

Whether wanting to make the team, or striving to attain the next level of sport or fitness, our process remains the same; provide the absolute highest quality training and coaching, bar none.


Summer Training Daily at 7:30/10:30/1:30/4:30 and 7:30.

Call for availability

High School Sports Performance Training    

Session Start Daily at 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30 pm

Middle School Athletic Development Training

Session  are offered daily at 4:30 pm 

Grammer School Athletic Development: Call for evaluation and schedule options

Saturday and Sunday Morning Training session are offered weekly and will be assigned once athletes program is developed.

*Athletes can join late if space is available (fees will be pro-rated)

**Athletes may join other groups based on abilities

***Personal Training and Small Group training is available

Q and A  - Updated as questions come up

Q:  How many athletes are in a group?

A: We try to keep the groups under 6 athletes.  Sometimes they are larger, but only when the athletes are experienced and demonstrate proper form and technique.  

Q: What happens if an athlete can not make a training session?
A:  They are encouraged to join another group and make the session up that week or add another day the following week.

Q:  How many days a week should an athlete train?

A:  This all depends on the results they want! Three or four sessions week is ideal. Training is the same as everything else in life - you get out exactly what you put in.  We educate our athletes on living a healthy life 24 hours a day, but the more time at the gym, the better.

ATHLETIC Performance training

We build better athletes


Monthly: $200

Season; $400

10 Session Package= $250

20 Session Package = $400

Youth Personal Training = $60/hr

2 or More (Group/Team Rate) =$100/hr



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