Within our Sports performance model, the strength and conditioning program may include any and  all of the following protocols:

  • Athletic Evaluation / Movement Screen
  • Mobility / Flexibility
  • Linear Speed (start, first step quickness, acceleration, absolute speed)
  • Multi-Directional Speed (footwork, change of direction, agility)
  • Plyometrics
  • Reaction training
  • Joint Stability / Balance / Posture
  • Injury Prevention / Pre-hab
  • Reconditioning / Return from Injury
  • Strength / Power (focusing on the core)
  • Conditioning (energy system development, work capacity)
  • Recovery / Regeneration

Key Result Areas

  • Increase work capacity in all aspects of physical training
  • Increase strength and power 
  • Increase speed and agility
  • Increase physical endurance and functional flexibility
  • Develop an objective based goal program
  • Develop a work ethic in terms of physical preparation
  • Develop specific conditioning programs for all sports ​

ATHLETIC Performance training

We build better athletes


SCHEDULE:  Visit website for current schedule

We offer group training afternoons and weekends during the school year
*Grammer School Athletic Development Call for evaluation and times  

**Athletes can join late if space is available (fees will be pro-rated)
***Athletes may join other groups based on abilities
****Personal Training and Small Group training is available
Form your own group or team......Call 908-803-8019 for pricing info

​Whether wanting to make the team, or striving to attain the next level of sport or fitness, our process remains the same; provide the absolute highest quality training and coaching, bar none.

 TEAM TRAINING:  1 Team, 1 Trainer, 1 Goal
K2 will develop a comprehensive sport-specific Strength & Conditioning Program to fit the needs of both coach and athletes, all on your team's schedule. Onsite & Offsite options available. Team training programs give teams the opportunity to enhance overall chemistry while improving individual player development at the same time.

Q and A  - Updated as questions come up

Q:  How many athletes are in a group?

A: We try to keep the groups under 6 athletes.  Sometimes they are larger, but only when the athletes are experienced and demonstrate proper form and technique.  

Q: What happens if an athlete can not make a training session?
A:  They are encouraged to join another group and make the session up that week or add another day the following week.

Q:  How many days a week should an athlete train?

A:  This all depends on the results they want! Three or four sessions week is ideal. Training is the same as everything else in life - you get out exactly what you put in.  We educate our athletes on living a healthy life 24 hours a day, but the more time at the gym, the better.


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Fee options:
Season: (13 Weeks)

  • 2X Week = $450
  • ​Unlimted = $525


  • 2X Week = $175
  • Unlimited = $200


  • 10 Session Package= $250
  • 20 Session Package = $450

Student Personal Training = $60/hr
Semi-Private Training (2 - 3) =$75/hr
6 + Athletes (Team Rate) = $150/hr.


Great athletes are STRONG and FAST and know how to control their bodies(We call this movement quality)!  Though "active Play" rules the world in terms of athletic development; speed, strength, and movement are not sport-specific skills you master at practice. 

The aim of our training is to provide our athletes with skills and strength needed to build game-breaking speed.  

At K2 we:

1. Build Strength by teaching muscles building movements that develop the horsepower needed to leave beat your opponents!  By strengthening the legs, core, and upper body, you will increase joint stability and create higher amounts of force. Athletic speed isn’t just about going fast in a straight line. Your game requires you to move side-to-side and backward as quickly as you can sprint forward. Muscle strength and proper technique are important for those movements.​

2. Increase Speed by teaching and practicing technique drills that increase sprint speed and efficiently.  Jumping, sprinting, reacting, and rapidly changing direction are all skills that every athlete can improve with coaching and training.

3. Improve Movement Skills through mobility, balance and coordination training. Being able to throw, twist, dodge, kick and shoot at full speed require these "learned movement skills".