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K2 BOOTCAMP builds strength & loses fat fast

K2 Bootcamp is the only workout program specifically designed to burn fat and build strength while getting you in the best shape of your life. K2 partnered with FitRanX to offer all our clients this fitness progression tracking system to keep you motivated and focused on your goals.

LOSE FAT, GAIN MUSCLE…..FEEL BETTER! That is what new members say happen to them when they go through the Boot Camp system.

FitRanX Boot Camp, Summit NJ
Summit New Jersey Fitness Training Program


At K2 Boot Camp we know that a great body doesn’t just come from a great workout. It also comes from a healthy diet. With all the terrible food out there now, it’s hard to know what’s good or bad to eat. So we offer free nutritional coaching with your membership. This way we can give you the knowledge and motivation you need to keep that body changing as quickly as possible. Most would charge hundreds for the service but K2 Boot Camp is the only fitness program in NJ that has nutritional coaching at your disposal...

Nutritional Coaching at K2 Fitness
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What To Expect During Your Class

K2 Fitness will focus on functional core strength and conditioning.  Creating a high-intensity metabolic workout that burns the max amount of calories and gets you fit and lean. We use the following in our circuits, TRX, body weight (
tabata), kettle bells, dumbbells, battle ropes, plyometrics, and ultimate sandbag training.

At K2 Fitness, we specialize in giving you the best training experience possible. We like to keep our BootCamp training classes to a small number of people so you still get the one on one personal training experience and results but in a group setting. 

Who Is Boot Camp For?

  1. Former athletes trying to stay competitive
  2. Adults looking to drop weight fast (and keep it off)
  3. Moms and dads who have been putting off feeling & looking the way they deserve
  4. Busy parents who need a flexible schedule (45-55 minutes)
  5. If You Have Weight and Inches To Lose From Your Belly
  6. Baby Boomers who want more Energy, Strength and Confidence
  7. If You Want To Look Better in the Mirror and in Photos
  8. If You Want Your "Skinny" Clothes to Fit Again
Purchase 1 Month Unlimited Training Classes
KettleBells, Tabata, Dumbbells and More

JUST A GREAT VIDEO explaining calories