The Benefits of Small Group Personal Training

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Small group training usually consists of one trainer working with groups of no more than ten people, and in many cases, it’s far less than that. Small group training sessions usually last several weeks at a time, and group members are encouraged to sign up for ongoing sessions to develop continuity with their trainer and with the other group members.

This type of training is beneficial for so many reasons. It can help you to stay motivated even when you have tried everything else and can help you to get in the best shape of your life.

Small group training is much more affordable than personal, one-on-one training, yet participants still get to experience the benefits of a trainer that is not overwhelmed by too many people. It can help you to stick with the program and to try your best thanks to the relationships you are able to build with the other participants. Best of all – it’s fun, too.


Read on to learn more about the vast benefits of small group training. Everyone should consider giving it a try.

1. Personalization

One of the biggest benefits of small group training is the fact that you will have a much greater opportunity to personalize the training to your own needs. Although small group training is not as personalized as hiring a one-on-one personal trainer, you can alert your small group trainer to your needs, wants, and limitations and can work all of these things into the training sessions.

2. Direct Trainer Attention

In a large class, it’s easy to be overlooked by the trainer leading the class simply because there are so many people who want and need attention. Even if you are the quiet type or are someone who is tempted to hide in the back, you will be noticed in a small group training environment. 

If you have questions about your training or progress that you are hesitant to ask in front of a large group, you may be more comfortable asking those questions during small group training.

If you are someone who tends to kind of slack off when no one is looking, you will no longer have the opportunity to do so when your trainer is only in charge of training a handful of people. He or she won’t let you get away with that.

3. Affordability

Hiring a one-on-one personal trainer can be very expensive. Even a single session per week with one can be a strain on the bank account. If you wish to work out with a trainer several times a week, the cost can add up fast.

When you participate in small group training, your cost will decrease significantly, but you will still experience so many of the same benefits. By sharing your trainer with just a few other people, you all can save money and get fit together as a team.

4. Relationships

Small group training groups can be assembled in two different ways, and both will result in the development of strong relationships with the people in your group. 

Group Of Strangers

Some small group training groups consist of several people who have perhaps never met before. These people all choose to work in a small group with a particular trainer that they like or were recommended or have simply signed up to be matched with others. 

In a group of strangers, the group will get to know each other quickly. They will root for each other, but they will also compete with each other to some extent. Their relationship will be based on fitness, and this can be advantageous to the whole group. The group members will motivate each other and work together towards their personal goals.

Group Of Friends Or Coworkers

Sometimes a group of friends or coworkers will get together and form a group for group training. This can be a wonderful way to get to know coworkers or to spend extra time with busy friends. Like with the group of strangers, the group members will receive a great deal of support, motivation, and competition from their fellow exercisers.

However, this type of group differs because it is likely that the group members will see and speak to each other outside of their time spent working out. As a result, the small group members in this type of group can continue to offer other members support at a much greater frequency. 

The relationships that you build or bolster while working out with others can last a lifetime. Whether your group is made up of people you’ve just met or people you’ve known since childhood, participating in small group training with others will create an incredible bond among you.

5. Motivation

Whether the small group training group is made up of people who know each other outside of the group or of people who do not, working alongside others can be a big motivator in working out at one’s highest capacity. 

If you are working out with a group of strangers or mere acquaintances, you are unlikely to want to look like the person who is putting in the least effort. When you are working out alongside your friends or coworkers, you will want to look your very best. 

In both cases, this will work exponentially to the benefit of everyone. Everyone will motivate each other in an endless cycle.

One day, when you meet up with the group you won’t feel like working out, but someone else’s high energy and enthusiasm will help to get you going. Another time, you will be the one who is raring to go who gets everyone else excited to dive right in.

6. Support

In a small group training group, you will receive much more support than you will when training on your own or when taking large group classes. The trainer can really take the time to get to know your strengths and weaknesses and can tailor his or her training to serve your needs well. 

Further, your group members will be there for you too. When you are having a rough day, they will be there to hear about it. When you reach a goal you have set for yourself, they will celebrate right along with you. 

7. Continuity

By working in a small group over time, you will experience continuity in many ways. First of all, you will be working with the same trainer. He or she will get to know you better than a short term trainer and will know how to challenge you more and more as your fitness improves.

Just as your trainer gets to know you better, you will get to know him or her better as well. You will learn his or her strengths and weaknesses as a trainer and will feel more comfortable asking questions. You will know about his or her training style and you will learn, over time, how to best use that to your fitness advantage.

Further, you will also be training with many of the same people for a long period of time. You will all get to know each other well and will begin to feel comfortable with them. As long as they stick with the program, you won’t want to quit either. If you are tempted to quit, you won’t because you may feel as if you are abandoning your pals.

8. Competition

A little healthy competition never hurt anyone. When you are in a small group training group, you will naturally begin to compete with the others.

This competition may be informal and may even be unspoken; you may find that you decide to stay on the treadmill longer because a competitor is doing so, or you may try to do as many reps as he or she does.

Or, the competition between group members may be formal, stated, and recorded. With your permission, your trainer may even peg you against the other members of your group to see who can lose the most weight, run the fastest, or attend the most sessions without a single absence. 

9. Variety

Personal trainers who lead small group training groups always try to keep things fresh and exciting. In order to do so, he or she will try to alter the activities in each session to keep the participants interested and on their toes.

When leading a small group, a trainer has a lot more flexibility and options for group training activities. One week the group may work out on the weight machines, and the next week they may go trail running. If the group meets at a large gym or recreation facility, sessions could include activities like swimming laps, playing basketball together, or trying a sport that is new to all group members.

10. Structure

When you work with the same group trainer each week, he or she can introduce structure into your workouts. Even with variety, you will likely begin to see patterns emerge in training. Perhaps your trainer likes to spend part of the session on weight training, part on cardio, and part on flexibility or likes to keep these things on a three-week rotation.

Furthermore, small group training offers a structure that many people need. How many times have you promised yourself you will work out three times next week, but when the end of the week comes, you haven’t actually worked out at all? When you know that you have an appointment with a trainer and other group members every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4:00, you will be more likely to show up and do the work.

11. Fewer Distractions

A large group training setting such as a class or a weight room floor is full of distractions. You may find that you are walking slowly on the treadmill while watching television, or that you may be annoyed by someone who is talking loudly on the phone outside of your large stretch class. 

However, when you work in a small group, you will be much more focused. Your trainer and the other members of your group will help you keep your head in the game at all times. 

12. Accountability

Accountability is a big part of why people sign up for personal or small group training at all. Scheduling yourself for a workout, at a place and time where others expect you to be there, can be a major motivator for you. No matter how tempting it may be, you won’t want to skip out on a training session when you know other people will be there working out without you. 

You will also provide accountability for others. The other group members will show up week after week because they know you will be there working your hardest, no matter what.

13. Perseverance

According to research, 50% of people who begin a fitness program will give it up within six months. However, research has also shown that people who participate in a group training program are more likely to stick it out much longer. Use the small group training format to keep you motivated and driven to succeed, thanks to all of the benefits listed above. 

14. Enjoyment

Last but not least, small group training is just plain fun. Working out on your own can be lonely and monotonous, and when you work out in a large group it can feel like you are always lost in a crowd. When you get together in a small group with others, you will be surprised how quickly the time goes by, and how many laughs you have with your training partners while you celebrate small and large victories as a group, together.


There is no good reason not to try small group training. You may find that you fall in love with it right away, but if you don’t, give it some time. Soon you will be able to see why so many people are drawn to this type of training, and the results will speak for themselves. 

If you’re looking for small group training in western Suffolk County, you’ll love the programs we have to offer at K2 and the Body Shop. Our trainers are certified and experienced and are waiting to serve you. Our facility is new and beautiful and has everything you need to get a great workout.  Contact us today. We can’t wait to hear from you.