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Show me a Weak Elite Athlete and I will show you a Unicorn!

The purpose of athletic development training is to provide young athletes with a clear and proven path to athletic success.  At K2, we break athletic development training down into three areas which teens need to become better athletes.

Strength…Get Stronger: Strengthen the legs, core, and upper body. This will increase joint stability and create higher amounts of force.
Speed…Get Faster: Use strength and lean muscle to create speed, power, and agility.  Jumping, sprinting, reacting, and rapidly changing direction are all skills that every athlete can improve with coaching and training.
Skills…Become more skilled: Practice your sport specific movement to improve technical sport specific skills such as, throwing, twisting, dodging, etc.

These all sound very simple when broken down however; the “secret” is that each one of these areas relies on the other. It’s hard for an athlete to improve speed without improving maximal and/or relative strength. It’s also hard for an athlete to become more skilled without improving speed.

My job as a strength and speed coach is to coach athletes to become bigger, faster, and stronger, which will allow their sport coaches to teach the skill work more efficiently.

Make this summer the summer that changed your life. Train at K2

Training Monday thru Thursday 

  • $250/10 Session Package
  • $200/Month
  • $400/Summer

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