If you’ve already registered for the Whole Life Challenge, we can’t wait to see all you achieve.

If you haven’t registered, we want to ask you a question: What do you have to lose?

Consider the things you don’t have right now that you’d really like to have:
A performance goal.
A weight-loss goal.
A less-stress-on-a-daily-basis goal.

Achieving even one of those would be well worth 6 weeks of your life.

Participating in the Whole Life Challenge could help you progress toward any and all of these things.

Plus, your teammates will be there to support you. We’re in this together.  Click the "Join TEAMK2 Link to register!

Next Challenge Starts April 13th

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In addition to joining an online, global community of people committed to living happier, healthier lives, to creating daily habits that reflect who they are and what they love ...YOU GET A TEAM CAPTAIN WHO IS THERE FOR YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY

We will Support you in learning to make choices. Rather than handing you a workout routine and meal plan (there are already PLENTY of those), we will help you in finding what works for you, in your life, where you live, with the people around you. We believe this is the only way to create change that inspires you and change that lasts.

Along with daily access to the site as the place to connect and play the game with your friends and family, you'll get resources for your success, daily blog content tailored to improving your experience, daily tracking of personal progress, and a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Additionally, You will Get:

1) Free Weekly Workouts at K2 Fitness and Performance

2) A local team to answer your questions and personal struggles

3) Additional challenges and competitions

4) Weekly  WLC-Compliant Recipes
5) Weekly tips to have a Better Challenge

6) Accountability 

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